Monday, June 15, 2009

tip of the day :: drag-n-move

The MacTip of the day today is how to move a file when dragging it to a different volume:


I shouldn't be surprised at this. On Windows it's:


And this is true to Mac's love of that Command key. Mix it with anything and you get MacMagic. There are still a couple of things missing here, though, I think.

  1. Cutting and Pasting files - on Windows you can select a file or folder, cut it (Control+X) and then paste it wherever you want (Control+V). This is very powerful, because it allows you to move files without having to line up two windows side by side, select the file, and then drag them over. You can use one window if you want, like I always did.
  2. Right-button dragging - on Windows you can drag stuff with the right mouse button rather than the left, and when you drop it pops up a little menu asking whether you want to move or copy the files, or to cancel. This is nice if you're not really paying attention to what you're doing. Because the default behavior on both Mac and Windows is this: if you drag to a location on the same volume (within the same hard drive or network drive) then it defaults to move, but if you drag to a location on a different volume then it defaults to copy. Having a way to do it and be prompted is nice.

Still loving the mac. Still finding new ways of doing new things, and new ways of doing old things. Still feeling the growing pains.

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