Wednesday, June 17, 2009

luke warm corners

Hot corners stalled again. I haven't figured out exactly what it is yet, but I got them going again without rebooting or logging out.

I first noticed it when I got back to my table at my favorite coffee shop (Buon Giorno) from ordering a French press carafe of Tanzanian. Hot Corners are important to me because when I leave my computer, I lock it. Have for a long time. On windows it was Window+L. Pop it and go. On Mac, the best way I've found is to set up a screen saver, add a password to it, and then set up a hot corner to kick it off. It's not quite as good, but it works. I imagine there is a way to hook up a hot key to the screen saver with AppleScript or Otto, but I haven't had time to get up to speed on that yet. Even so, a true system key combo (like on Windows) is best.

So when I first noticed it, I went immediately into system prefs and changed the settings, then changed them back to the way I wanted, and tried again. No good. I went through closing apps one by one and retesting. No good. After closing everything I went back into Expose settings and changed something again and retested. That resolved it.

I'm not sure what it is that makes it stall, but some program I run has to be quit first, and then the hot corners settings changed, before it will start working again.

I'm hot again. After some effort. But still looking for that Mac+L

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