Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ihate snow leopard 4

I can't tell you how tired I am of that damn spinning rainbow.

Friday, October 23, 2009

headset cleaning

If you have these expensive apple iPhone headphones...the ones that came with the iPhone...
and if you wash and dry them in something like this...

they still work!!!

Disclaimer: I do NOT recommend doing this. But if you happen to find them hanging around in the drier, cross your fingers and give them a try.

Monday, October 19, 2009

ihate snow leopard 3

The other thing that's bad about Snow Leopard is the lack of good multithreading. What I mean is that if one application "hangs" it affects others. For example, I connect to a remote desktop using the Citrix ICA client for Mac OSX. If that application has a problem, I frequently can't switch to my VMWare fusion image until the rainbow wheel is finished spinning a minute or two later. Entourage also has "hanging" issues that spill over.

I don't have a problem so much with an application hanging. Apple surely can't be responsible for crappy code from other companies--Microsoft may not write good software for the Mac. Neither may Citrix. Neither may the one-man shop with the coolest app ever.


Apple is absolutely responsible for creating an operating system that allows one application's issues to hang the others. And if the reason for this is, "Apple upgraded the operating system and all its pre-installed software to a new 64 bit architecture and made all the existing applications run in some compatibility layer--once those applications are upgraded they will no longer hang themselves or anyone else..." then I say a pox upon you, Apple. You shot all these programs in the foot that were working JUST FINE before I "upgraded".

But maybe that's not the reason. Maybe my computer is sick with some virus or is crippled by something dumb I did without knowing it. But then, wouldn't that make it a PC?

Friday, October 16, 2009

ihate snow leopard 2

Do you remember this?
mac sprint equationThose days are over. Since the "upgrade" to Snow Leopard my Sprint card either (a) does not work at all, or (b) takes up to five minutes to initialize (WWAN menu only has one entry on it that says Initializing...).

The good news is that if I hold the power button down for about 10 seconds, the whole computer powers off. Then I can power it back on again. And after I log in, the Sprint Card will start working PDQ (less than a minute). Of course the flip side of that is that I lose all my unsaved changes and risk corrupting my loaded vmware images. But at least I can get out to the internet and check my email!
I hate Snow Leopard.

ihate snow leopard

I hate Snow Leopard. It's cranky. It's cross. It's sluggish. I get that damn spinning rainbow wheel again and again and again. I never had any of these problems with Leopard. And I have hard reset the blasted computer at least once a day since the upgrade.

I don't know if Snow Leopard just isn't ready for prime time, or if Apple wasn't successful in getting developer adoption - meaning getting everyone who has written software for mac to upgrade or patch their software for the new technology.

Anyway, I hate Snow Leopard. I hate the unpredictability and instability of it.