Wednesday, June 10, 2009

time to reboot

I just logged out and in again. This time I made sure nothing was in the way. I unplugged all external drives and my external mouse. I ejected the DVD. No programs were running except for Firefox from my last post.

It took 05:16.3 to logout.

Login was quick.

I tried. Time to reboot.

However, I just pulled up Activity Monitor to see what programs are running. I do this on PC when it's acting up. I don't know Mac well enough to look for anything funny. However, I do see a program highlighted in red, a program that (from the name) would appear to be important and relevant to my current dilemma. System User Interface Server sounds important, and it's in red and not responding. Here's a picture of Activity Monitor that I got with the Grab utility (not the grab 3 key move):

activity monitor
This could be the culprit. Unfortunately, I don't know what to do about it.

I tried. Time to reboot.

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