Saturday, June 6, 2009

strange annoying behavior

annoying iPhotoWhy does iPhoto open every time I plug in my iPhone?

This post
was not helpful at all. Apple must have rewritten some of the programs since they posted this workaround?

This post was more what I was looking for, but still not helpful for the same reason. He refers to menu options that are simply not in the program. And it involves writing a program in AppleScript to override the standard behavior of the operating system. Isn't there a way to do this? There sure as heck are LOTS of people asking this question as evidenced by google's count of 680,000 hits for "iPhone launches iPhoto"

This post was very helpful, and it's the same advice I got from Clayton, my long time MacEvangelist friend who ironically just got saddled with a PC at his new job. The post tells you how to go into iPhoto and disable it from automatically launching when you connect a camera. And it worked. But I do want iPhoto to launch when I connect a camera. BUT NOT A PHONE! Hello? Yes, all phones have cameras. But if I want to grab the images off of my phone I, and most everybody else by google's count, would think to open iPhoto, click Import pictures, click from iPhone. Or something like that.

So for now I will have iPhoto NOT open for ANY camera. If that gets to be more annoying than opening when I plug in my iPhone then I'll switch it back and go for the other annoyance.

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