Tuesday, June 16, 2009

shopping for a time capsule

I need to get a Time Machine set up so I can go back in time, so I'm in the market.

Amazon is the best deal I can find right now. Including tax and 2nd day shipping, it's almost $100 cheaper than the Apple online store.


That's not chump change. Of course I'm an Amazon Prime member, have been for years now. Membership has its priviledges.

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  1. Rather than buying a Time Capsule, you might want to consider an Airport Extreme and an external USB drive. That way you can control the drive and size and you don't completely lose your device if the hard drive dies. As an added plus, you can partition your external drive such that you can have a TM partition and a network share. I've been set up like this for a number of months now and it works great.