Saturday, June 6, 2009

dvd musical chairs

Ok. I put a DVD in. DVD Player didn't start. Then I launched DVD Player and hit the play button. It said "supported disc not available". Then I hit the eject button and the disc didn't come out. Nice. Then I went to Finder but didn't Find the DVD. Nice. No DVD icon for it on the desktop either. Nice.

Before rebooting, I wanted to take a screen shot of iDVD to post here. Which I did by doing the double secret (command+shift+4+spacebar) move. This captures a screenshot of the active window and places it on the desktop. That turned out to be quite serendipitous. Here's why. When I tried to do the move for showing the desktop, I actually did the move for showing all windows. And it was at that point that I saw the splash screen for the particular movie running INSIDE VMWARE. Ok. So, my next move is to figure out how to detach it in there so I can run it out here.

patriot act

Before I found that thing running inside there I was sure bitching. Clatyon told me I should just reboot and hold down the eject key while doing it. That would have been a defeat. Not today.

Fortunately this was VERY easy to resolve in VMWARE FUSION, surely one of the best applications ever invented. All I did was click on the icon of the disc in the lower right corner, and tell it to disconnect. Immediately after doing that I heard the disc start to spin, then DVD Player popped onto the dock, and the movie started playing.

Another happy ending.

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