Sunday, June 7, 2009

baby steps

Took a few baby steps today (listed here in reverse order for some reason):

  1. Backed up bookmarks from Firefox (T61.Firefox.Bookmarks.Organize.Backup) and restored them on the mac (MBP.Firefox.Bookmarks.Organize.Restore)
  2. I turned off that annoying sound that mac makes by default when you change the volume--I was really glad to find that in System Preferences
  3. I burned my first CD today--I wanted to play some Jon Foreman songs in our church (from his Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall EP's), so I made a burn folder, found the MP3 files in the iTunes library folder, dragged them over, and then burned it. It played very nicely on my Blu-Ray player

The most difficult thing for me continues to be the keyboard. I am SOOOOOOO good on the Windows environment with they keys. I can probably survive indefinitely without the mouse over there, and certainly don't resort to it unless I'm lazy. And I don't even really use Windows Explorer that much, so a comparison of it to Mac Finder is largely irrelevant. Over there I set up shortcuts to folders that I use regularly so I can press Window+R, type in the short name (like MYDOCS for the "My Documents" folder or MYPICS for "My Pictures" or DL for the folder where all my downloads go, etc.) Anyway, I'm missing that a lot. After a while using OSX (and either getting used to it or getting frustrated enough to modify the environment) I'll update my status for this particular topic.

The other thing about the keyboard is all the missing function keys. They're not so bad except for when I'm trying to use Excel, and then they're a BEAR. I'll have to spend some time on that conversion (of my brain from Excel for Windows to Excel for Mac).

Finally, I'm also compiling a list of Joys, Annoyances, and Oddities. It's a running list. I'll probably throw it up here soon and then repost it when it changes significantly.

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