Saturday, June 13, 2009

on apples and rebates

shiny new appleSo I'm calling the apple store with two questions--one no brainer and the other one a "are you kidding me?"

The no brainer is about getting my rebate for the free ipod I ordered with the new mac.

The second is to ask them if they offer any kind of price guarantee since ONE WEEK after I bought this Mac they dropped the price on it by (I just looked) $390!!!! And that's on the new one with a 3.06 GHz processor, but mine is only 2.93 GHz, which they don't sell anymore. So it's even worse. If I sent this one back and reordered today I would get a CPU that's about 5% faster/$400 cheaper (after tax). But I can't get a perfect comparison since they "discontinued" my model. And I can already smell a "what? we didn't drop the price on your model" excuse coming.

And now I'm on my second call. Apple dropped the first call after answering with some computer that sounded like a man who wanted to assist me. I don't know if you can tell but I HATE calling into a call center.

Now I'm talking to Mary, who just asked for my web order number and my address and all that. Judging from her drawl I think she's from Georgia. She asks me how she can help. She seems very nice. I'm suspicious.

I tell Mary I have two questions about my order. I ask her the second question first, the one about the price guarantee.

Mary tells me that they do have "price protection" and that she will check to see if I qualify. She checks and says that YES, I do qualify. Then she tells me that she is setting up a credit memo for $500+tax (which works out to $541.25).

So while she's getting that set up she asks me about my second question. I tell her I went with the free iPod with the order, the one where you get an iPod for free if you get the 8GB model, or $229 back if you get one of the other models. She tells me to go to, click the 2nd one from the left, and enter my order info to get the rebate.

10:27 on the phone and I got $541.25 cash and my $229 rebate setup.

Thanks Mary from Apple.

Talk about a change of heart. Now I feel like singing the Camp Granada song.

apple rebates

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