Monday, June 8, 2009

bringing back vba / bigger<>better

I just found this article talking about the reasons Microsoft pulled VBA from Office 2008 for Mac:

The bottom line is that with all of Microsoft's resources and talent, they couldn't get it done. They couldn't get it done on time anyway. Apparently, they even knew they were screwing up when they shipped it, and had begun fixing it before they even shipped it:
"When we came to the realization in 2006 that there was no way for us to keep VB in the product and still ship Office 2008 on any semblance of the schedule we wanted, we announced its removal, but kept looking at how to bring it back into the suite even before we shipped," Schwiebert wrote this morning.
On a somewhat personal note, I work for a "small" consulting company. We are not small in the sense of weak, but small in the sense of having the right amount of people to execute the types of projects we take on. But we continually find ourselves up against mudslingers who either explicitly state or infer that small means inadequate, unreliable, flighty, incompetent, and/or illegitimate.

And then I continue to see the largest of companies (not just Microsoft) (not by any means just Microsoft) (both product companies and services companies) produce crappy products that are either ill conceived or unfinished.

Bigger <> better.

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