Tuesday, September 21, 2010

idon't hate snow leopard as much

I'm not sure if I've just gotten used to the spinning rainbow, or if I've lowered my expectations, but Snow Leopard seems to be running better now. I know it's been A WHILE since I've posted anything out here, but I checked back in and realized how negative I was.

My latest mac upgrade is a 27" iMac that I use for an external monitor. One apple display cable goes from video out on my MacBook Pro to the video in/out on the 27" iMac, allowing the iMac to double as a huge external monitor. And the added benefit is that I can use it as a standalone computer, and the kids can use it when I'm on the road. Nice.

I still get the spinning rainbow, and I still have issues with software not working exactly right. But overall it's not so bad. I'm only having to do a hard reset about once a week now. I imagine that some of those recommended updates probably are correcting some of these quirks.