Sunday, December 20, 2009

ihate snow leopard 7

Now I've decided that there must be a conflict between iTunes and Finder. That's the only two programs that were running today when I twice had to do a hard reset. I know it's asking a lot to put together a burn folder at the same time I am inserting a CD. I should slow down and only do one thing at a time. And be happy with what I get.

Apple has put out a piece of junk.

I was really becoming a believer with Leopard.

It's really worse than that, too, because the seeds of doubt are already full on saplings. The reason I say that is because I see a pattern emerging. I also have an iPhone 3G. Not 3GS. 3G. When I first got that thing it was beautiful. It was fast and responsive. I got better internet speed. But ever since the 3Gs came out, the iPhone 3G has gotten worse and worse and worse. I have discussed this with several 3G users. My first assumption when electronics break down is that I've done something to mess them up. But every 3G owner in my informal survey has used the word "cranky" for their phone since the 3Gs came out. The user interface freezes, then jumps around to catch up. Google maps takes forever to load, as do other web pages. It doesn't slide smoothly anymore except on rare exception--now it skips to the next page in 4 or 5 hops, or it just skips the transition altogether and appears after a delay. All user input screens take forever before they accept any keyboard input (search, "instant" message, etc.). I would LOVE to make a commercial for AT&T/iPhone about how you can be on the phone at the same time as you order a pizza as you check your calendar. Unfortunately no one would buy their product/service if I did because no one is willing to sit through a 10 minute commercial.

Anyway, I thought it was me. But it's not. Everyone else I've talked to that had an iPhone 3G both before and after the 3GS came around has described the same experience. And why did this happen? Aha. When the 3GS came out Apple made a new Operating System (3.0) for it to exploit its improved hardware.

The iPhone got snow leoparded.

Is this what we are to expect from Apple in the future? If so I'm bailing and going back to PC. If I have to scrap my existence out of the dirt I may as well save a bundle doing it.

ihate snow leopard 6

I like my mac and all, but should I really have to turn the thing off to get a cd out?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ihate snow leopard 5

Hey. Apple...

FIX IT!!!!!!

We're all TIRED of the spinning rainbow!