Wednesday, June 10, 2009

second reboot

So much for "Love means never having to say you're rebooting."

I had to reboot. While cycling down I got this status message on screen from "File Vault" saying, "Recovering disk space in Steve Coan's Home folder". It never finished. I gave it 10 minutes before doing the press-and-hold-the-power-button move. After that it restarted and booted very fast.

After rebooting were my problems resolved? Yes and no.

The screen grab move works great (command+shift+4+space).

The trackpad gestures still weren't working. But I tried a few things that I thought would work. I went into the trackpad system preferences and modified the settings. Several things didn't work, but after changing the tracking speed of the trackpad, something got unstuck and the gestures started working again.

I took screen shots of the process inspector for SystemUIServer. That was laborious without the grabber key combo. I may post them later.

So I'm apparently back up and running again. That was the second time I've had to reboot.

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