Friday, June 5, 2009


go speed racer go

I don't know how fast things are supposed to be on a mac, but they're damn fast on this one. Maybe it's the 8GB of RAM or the 2.93 GHz CPU or the 256GB Solid State Drive.

The first thing was how fast it booted. Christopher was running the camcorder for the whole thing so I can post the time on the original boot, but that's probably not the best indicator. The next time I reboot I'll time it or video it and put the results here.

Apps open virtually instantaneously from my perspective. I'm sure it's like anything else, though. Years later I'll be wondering why I should have to wait a few seconds at all. Maybe in the future whatever applications you have installed are always in memory all the time, even after you reboot. Who knows?

But the most critical test of all..........vmware fusion. I run a vmware image with Windows 2003 Advanced Server, SQL Server, Analysis Services, and a bunch of Web Applications and other services. This is my work. And


Once again, it could be that it's because I allocated 3GB of RAM to the guest operating system (hey, I've got 5 to spare) whereas on the PC I can only afford a maximum of 1.5GB since the PC only has 3GB total. Now, I could upgrade the PC to 8GB of RAM but then I would have to "upgrade" from Windows XP to Vista to be able to use it. Enough said.

It took VMWARE Fusion on the Mac just 43 seconds to boot up the guest OS. Once loaded, it was extremely snappy and responsive. The applications inside the guest OS loaded faster on the mac than on the PC. I almost cried when I saw Microsoft SQL Server running on a beautiful Mac. And I laughed out loud when I started opening objects in SQL Server Management Studio as instantaneously as Garage Band opened out in the Mac. I need to record the video for that and post it--maybe I can use Webex to do that.

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