Friday, June 26, 2009

no webex

I intend to get to the bottom of this. This is quite vexing.

I am unable to get to since I set up the Time Capsule. At all. I don't want to have to send the Time Capsule back, but I will if I have to.

But this is a very vexing problem, and here's why:
  1. I cannot get to webex or any webex site (like my company's webex site) from my MacBook Pro over Wifi, neither using Safari nor Firefox.
  2. I cannot get to webex from my MacBook Pro with a wired connection either.
  3. I cannot get to it from my iPhone over Wifi.
  4. I can get to it from my iPhone over 3G.

    Naturally, this leads me to believe it's a problem with my network, and since the only thing that has changed is the Time Capsule, I have a very likely suspect. But...

  5. I can get to it from my wired Windows Vista computer.

    Which naturally makes me suspect some apple-related issue. But...

  6. I can get to it from Jill's iMac over Wifi.

    So in review, I know it's not a Wifi issue; it's not a wired issue; it's not an apple issue, it's not a router issue. The only two ways I cannot connect are on my iPhone over the Time Capsule and on my MacBook Pro over the Time Capsule. The only logical conclusion at this point, the only thing these two device connection have in common, is me. My own home network hates me.

  7. And now, to further prove it out, I have circumvented the Time Capsule and connected to Webex using my Sprint aircard. I can connect over the aircard.

    Now the only logical conclusion at this point is that Time Capsule hates me. That or I'm caught in the crossfire. Maybe webex hates Time Capsule or Cisco hates Apple or vices versa, and I'm the cat getting kicked.
No matter what the result's the same. I can't get to webex.

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