Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my entourage is time zone challenged

If I change the time zone on my computer, which is easy enough on an mac, entourage automatically changes the time on all my appointments, and the time on all my emails, to match the time zone. This is important when traveling. What it doesn't do is change the "default time zone for new events".

So every event has a "default time zone" peculiar to it.

I have never heard of this useless feature before.

It's really bizarre because Outlook gets it right on Windows. When I change my time zone on Windows, Outlook automatically picks it up. All the appointment start and end and dates read out in the new time zone.

Not some other time zone that I'm not in.

It works the same way as my cell phone. When I land in a new time zone and turn off airplane mode, the phone finds a cell tower, pulls the time zone off of it, sets the local time zone for the phone, and then shifts all the times on appointments, calls, emails, and everything else.

Every cell phone I've ever had worked this way.

Every email program I've ever had worked this way.

Except Entourage.

It almost makes me believe the people who say that Microsoft likes writing inferior software for Mac and blame the operating system.

Why can't Entourage do this? Why do I have to tell it to change the time zone after I already set the computer's time zone?

You can see in the screen cap that the appointment is from 2-4. But when I open it up to look at the details, the braindead thing reports the appointment is from 1-3.

Maybe I should fire my entourage and get some new guys to follow me around.

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