Wednesday, May 20, 2009

truth in advertising::customer care

Not all advertising is true. Not all advertising resonates with the consumer. This one does both. And it is one of my primary drivers for becoming a mac.


But really, this is just a symptom of the root evil. I will write more about this later. Suffice it to say, as my friend Laura Gilliland used to say, "There's reasons for things, Steve." There are reasons why customer care at the big PC vendors have all been outsourced, and have all learned how to classify your problem as "software" quickly, and either hang up or transfer you to another department/company/continent. And I suppose there are reasons why I curse and yell and always end up talking to a manager who usually gets my problem resolved after taking his sweet time, putting me on hold 8 or 10 times, typing a lot, breathing heavy into the phone, and informing me that my treatment of his subordinates is unacceptable even if he understands my frustration at the computer being a piece of crap, the system being broken, and the support rep making up some bs that I call them on.

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