Saturday, May 23, 2009

ssd vs hdd

Been having a hard time deciding between SSD and HDD. I finally found some benchmarks comparing the solid state drive (SSD) with the hard disk drive (HDD) in a macbook pro. The two links below are the results they posted. But this uncovers an issue. Hard drives have been around SOOOOoooo long that it's a mature product in the industry. You can bet that if the drive spins at 7200 RPM and has an 8MB cache that it performs the same from any major manufacturer. But with SSD's, it's a different story. It's a young technology, and there can be huge differences in performance between manufacturers, and even from generation to generation.

And the kicker is that apple won't tell me whose drive they're putting in the macbook pro. Yes. I spent the day chatting with apple's online store, calling my local apple store, posting questions on the apple community boards, and scouring the net for clues. No luck.

So is it really a good idea to take the plunge. Is apple saying, "Trust me"?

Benchmark conclusion page:

A "rawer" collection of the stats:

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