Friday, May 22, 2009

get the macbook pro, he says

I talked to Greg today about getting the MacBook Pro. He said I should just pull the trigger. And since he's paying for the company expense that it is, why shouldn't I?

I always beat my decisions to death. It's a wonder they don't fight back. Or maybe the fighting back is when they up and make me buy it without fanfare.

But this isn't something I just came to. I have felt increasingly abandoned by the PC industry and user community for some time. I am an old timer. I got my first PC in 1983 (more of that story later). I remember it very well because my dad gave me a choice of getting a car or a computer. I picked a computer. Fateful decision. It probably set in motion this life of a software developer and network engineer that I am still living.

Like I said, this isn't something I just came to. I have run into quite a few smart people over the years in my same industry who used their PC for work but got their work done on their Mac. And I have been watching the the Mac ads for years—I remember with joy the campaign, which came before the "I'm a mac…and I'm a pc" campaign. And if you want a really great derivative of that, check out the "I'm a Christian…and I'm a Christ follower" campaign on youtube.


The reason I haven't been able to switch to mac yet is because of the PC apps I use. But that's not a problem any more since VMWare Fusion came along. I do 99% of my work between Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and a VMWare image of an OutlookSoft (currently SAP BPC) server environment. And I'm looking forward to doing that same 99% on a MacBook Pro 17.

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  1. Steve,
    I went back to Macs after a 1o year break, and like you am still in software development. I spend most of my time coding now rather than trying to figure out why my PC isn't working right, etc. VMWare is great! Development on a Mac is freakin' awesome. The apps out there are great, as are the other nice features that will make the rest of how you use your computer fun again!