Monday, May 25, 2009

ssd vs hdd update

I got an update on the sdd vs hdd on the apple community forum. It went like this:

I ordered a 15" MBP in April w/ a 256GB SSD. It was very expensive ($700)--debatably overpriced--but it was something that I wanted. Anyway, it's labeled as "APPLE SSD TS256" in the System Profiler. Beyond that I can't tell you what brand it might really be. Is there a way to tell?

I can tell you that it's VERY fast. Even after using it for 6 weeks and installing all sorts of stuff on it and using it at work every day, it boots to desktop in under 30 seconds. Apps just load, almost instantly. Worth it? That's debatable, but I think so.

It really does sound like the SSD is what I'm looking for, but why is this such a secret?

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