Wednesday, May 27, 2009

apple. store. genius.

I just can't get over the apple store. Granted there are different levels of expertise among the staff. But man do they know their stuff.

It used to be that retail had an educational component. You went to the store and got educated on a product by a sales associate so you could make an informed purchase. You were edified by the info, and the sales associate rightly earned a modest commission on the sale. Not so today. Jill was in Walmart the other day and asked them if they had a certain product. The sales associate said no. She walked over to the other side of the store and found it. But don't stop at Walmart. I love to go to Best Buy and start asking questions about the stuff--the stuff THEY SELL--and watch the blue-shirt reach for the tag hanging off the product to read me the marketing info. Yeah. I know where to get all the marketing info I want.

The apple store may be the last vestige of good retail in America. Most of the people in there can answer most of the questions I throw at them. And when they can't, instead of making up something, they redirect me over to one of their "geniuses".


P.S. My Apple Store is Southlake Town Square

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