Friday, May 29, 2009

meantime glossin

I'm still a little worried about the glare on that HUGE glossy screen. So I've been poking around the net looking for an anti-glare screen cover. On the apple online store they only have films for the 13 through 15 inch models. Two trips ago to the apple southlake store an apple shirt told me they had one for the 17, which made me decide to get the glossy LED. But on the next trip another shirt told me he wasn't sure they had a 17, and when he went back and looked and asked it turned out they don't sell one. So I decided to get the anti-glare. Until I changed my mind again. Am I a little OC? Maybe.

15.4 in. privacy filterAnyway, I started thinking again that I need to get not only anti-glare but anti-snoop. So I looked online for a privacy filter. I found one that looked to be custom de for MacBook Pro's. It was called Elago Privacy Protection Film for Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" Screens. The page was filled with other apple stuff, stuff I might also allegedly want to buy. But after clicking several "explore similar items" links, I still couldn't find a 17" model. So I clicked that link to send the seller a question.

Here's what I asked the seller:
I saw your privacy screen for the MacBook Pro 15.4". Do you have a similar product for the 17"?
Here was their reply:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We do carry 17" privacy filters in regular and wide screen.

If you want regular search with B001AQY6L2.
For Wide, please use B0013A2A5E

Thank you,
Jowow Support
Here are the links to the products they suggested: B001AQY6L2 and B0013A2A5E (wide).

When I clicked the first one I was elated. The picture was identical to the one I had already seen (above), and I was ready to buy it, but decided to wait. But then something hit me. Why did they send two links? Apple doesn't and has never made a 17 inch MacBook Pro without a wide screen. So why two links? When I clicked the second link, it also had the exact same picture but the description said it was for an HP Pavillion dv9700t. Yeah, I remember that 10 lb. beast. I had it on my comparison spreadsheet. No thanks.

So I'm still in a holding pattern on the privacy filter. I imagine someone will come out with one for the MBP17 soon. Until then I'm not buying anti-glare from someone who glosses over details.

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