Monday, May 25, 2009

sharp edges and glaring realities

I dropped by the Apple store again tonight to look at the MacBook Pro 17" models. Again. The pea under my mattress this time was what the guy said last time--that some people like to buy the Protection Pack because they don't like how sharp the edge is on the front of the keyboard. The protection pack protects the laptop with a clear film that overlays it. And if you apply it over the front lip of the laptop it also protects your wrists.

I realize I don't maintain the best posture when sitting at my home office, but it is what it is. I frequently lean back in my executive chair, resting my wrists on the front of the laptop, which is elevated slightly because of the table/chair arrangement. This puts a lot of pressure on my wrists. With the Thinkpad I currently use it's not a huge problem because of the beveled edge they put on it (ThinkPad really does have a nice design--too bad it's a PC). I haven't been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel, and I don't have those symptoms, but I have had some pain in my right wrist (I actually wonder if I broke it a few months ago).

Anyway, I went by to have another look and to try to simulate my relative position to the thing by squatting in front of the table. I think it's not going to be a problem.

But in the process, I started second guessing myself on the glossy vs. anti-glare option. The glossy is SO beautiful. But I have a hang-up about glare and really think I won't be happy with a screen that big that's glossy. In my office I get afternoon sun. If I am wearing white I can see the reflection in the screen, and it's very distracting. And this is with an anti-glare screen. A glossy screen has gotta be worse for that. Macs seem to get on with it and look beyond the glare, but this old PC is having a hard time accepting that reality.

I do know what it's like to have a glossy finish. I picked the Samsung HDTV over the Sony or some others, even though it's glossy. I worried about the glare on that, too, but it so far has been a great picture, and the glare hasn't been an issue. But I can't get out of my head the lady in front of the mac next to me whose reflection was crystal clear as I looked across the two, comparing.

The other related topic to this is a privacy filter for keeping the snoop factor down on airplanes. I have one for my 15.4" laptops and love it. It not only reduces the viewing angle, but also the glare. I asked Jill what she thought about it, and she said I should get the glossy and one of those privacy filters--that way if the glare is really bugging me I can just throw that on. Maybe that will work. But I haven't found one online that works for the MBP17 yet.

Meanwhile, I'm busy writing my story of how I became a PC and how I am becoming a Mac. It's taking longer to get that done than I thought, so....Coming Soon.

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