Thursday, August 6, 2009

american airlines fail

Well I haven't posted anything on the macshine lately, but I've been thinking about it. I still mean to post my solid state hard drive performance benchmarks and comparatives. But in the meantime...I've been traveling. A lot.

So I get this ad in my email from American Airlines. I call it the Buenos Aires Fail. Here's why in storybook form:

Buenos Aires Ad1. Buenos Aires will Sweep you off your feet!

Go on.

Buenos Aires Vid2. Here's an exotic video to prove it. Closing line, "Ready to make your Buenos Aires getaway? Redeem those advantage miles today."

Yes I am. Where do I sign?

Buenos Aires Fail3. The caption reads: Ready to go? Search for flights.

Oh. Wait. Buenos Aires is not in the list. Never mind. I'm done.

But I do have to give American Airlines credit. My flight was ON TIME today. Both taking off and landing! According to American Airlines' "fare rules and on-time flight information" this flight is on the move! It's up to on-time 40% of the time now!

Of course we know why they put the "fare rules" on the same disclaimer as the "on-time flight information". They want you to know that your contract included full disclosure of how badly they perform in case you thought about copping an attitude after pacing in the terminal for 3 or 4 hours. Or sitting on the tarmac for 5 or 6.

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